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The health, beauty and long-lasting look of your natural nails is my priority.

When you get a standard manicure or pedicure, the manicurist first soaks your nails and then pushes back the cuticles and removes them with metal tools. As a result, burrs and skin growths appear on the sides, gel or varnish grows too quickly, and the nails look untidy.

I work in the E-file Manicure & Pedicure technique.
This means I do all the work dry, using an electronic file with a small headpiece that slowly buffs away the dead skin surrounding the nail bed and ensures no cuts. Your nails are perfectly trimmed, smooth, polished and ready for a flawlessly smooth polish surface.

Without the cuticle attached to the nails, your nail bed will appear longer, and the gel or polish can be applied a lot closer to the base of the nail.

As a result, your hands and feet look well-groomed, neat and healthy for a long time.

PLEASE NOTE: I work with natural nails only. No Gel-X, Acrylic, Extensions or Dip powder

Please read THE POLICY before a booking. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me


Advanced nail art (please contact first)
up to $40
Gel removal only (without nail service)
Acrylic/SNS removal
Natural Nail repair - more then 2 nails
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